Valentines Day Roses

A single Grand Prix Rose head

Valentines Day!

The one day of the year that makes the romantic types even more romantic and the un-romantic types make a loving gesture is nearly here! Some love it and some loathe it. We florists are divided. 

The thing I love about Valentine’s day is the excuse to order copious amounts of the best roses that the world growers have to offer and to be surrounded by them for a few days (literally, we have hardly any space to work) is absolutely wonderful. It really is. Roses in the flower world are sheer perfection and I question anyone who see's a perfect ‘Grand Prix’ rose to argue that. The thing I don’t enjoy about Valentine’s day is the impression that florists seem to be greedy and charge an extortionate amount for flowers. Yes we put the prices up; we have to but for a very good reason. Valentine’s day is the ONLY celebrated floral occasion that is the same day and has the same significance everywhere in the world. This means the entire world’s florists are all ordering a vast amount of stock for the same day. If you were a grower of red roses and this day was coming- think what you would do with supply and cost? Of course you’d be a fool not to increase your prices. But this has a knock on effect to the consumer.

Some of the roses we buy in for Valentine’s day cost more than triple than it would do on a normal week. Our roses will cost our customers around double but I’m not an idiot and I wouldn’t pay £12 for a single rose so why should my lovely customers who support my little family business day in and day out? I’m sure you understand that we have to increase the price or I may as well close for the day and not make any beautiful arrangements for anyone. But where’s the joy in that? For those of us who rarely get a romantic gesture, I love the fact that it’s the one day I get to make some beautiful arrangements for all those people who, for just one day, get to feel loved! (ahhh soppy sigh)

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. The fun part is next and that is ROSES!!!!! 

Red roses are just a joy on Valentine ’s Day but there is huge variety in the different types. A red rose is not the same anywhere. In my opinion, the best red rose you can buy is called Grand Prix. It is sheer perfection in colour and in shape. We order in a few different varieties for Valentine’s day but these are the ‘crème-de-la-crème’ of red roses. Pop in to the shop I will show you the difference (I love to do this) and I swear you’ll be amazed. I have customers that I persuaded to buy these when I had my first Valentine’s Day 4 years ago and they were astonished by them, how long they lasted, how big the heads opened and most importantly, the wow reception they received when they took them home. They can’t turn back now! 


I’m not expecting you to demand only grand prix red roses but knowledge is power and you can now decide for yourselves.



Here’s a little picture of what I’m talking about. This is a grand prix!

Close up of a Grand Prix Rose


And here is a different variety called furiosa. They’re still beautiful but they don’t have that richness and the petals fold out differently.

Furiosa Roses

If your local to us come in and see for yourself and you can make your own mind up.

The other fact about roses that you might not know is the longer the stem, the bigger the flower head. This is true across the board for all roses, not just red ones. At Valentine’s day, we have different prices for our 60cm tall, 70cm tall and 80cm tall roses. The taller the rose, the bigger the head and therefore the more expensive they are. Again, if you pop in around Valentine’s day, you can see the difference. It’s sadly not only red roses that have the problem with prices going up- it goes across the whole spectrum of colours, especially with white & pink being loved just as much as red. 

Well that’s enough waffle for one journal post. Every year I get chatting to my customers about these things and they (usually) find it really interesting and I feel that when they have parted with £60 for a dozen grand prix roses, they are happy with not only the fact they have the got the best you can buy, but the knowledge of why they cost so much. This may also help sway you from buying them in any of the bigger stores & supermarkets. I’m not expecting you to demand only grand prix red roses but knowledge is power and you can now decide for yourselves.

If your a regular of ours hopefully we will see you in a couple of weeks! You’ll find me in a sea of red petals, thorns, leaves, coffee, cake and wine (if it’s after 5pm)!